Innovative Guitar - Rock Beyond The Boundaries - Rob Balducci - 2 DVD set

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Product Features

  • Rock Beyond The Boundaries
  • Artist: Rob Balducci
  • Publisher: Rock House
  • Instructional DVD


Product Description

Steve Vai says, Rob is a great example for young guitarist, excellent technique, a clear vision and he sees projects through, that's why he is signed to my label, Favorite Nations In this program instrumental virtuosos Rob Balducci shares the unique tools he uses to squeeze emotion out of the instrument. He starts with exercises like cross string picking and linear hammer pull-off shapes that will help you build strength and coordination. Rob reveals his signature Flying Arpeggios and guides you through scales in traditional shapes, three notes per string, the lateral approach, full diatonic and three string arpeggios. Learn his approach to instrumental song writing starting with chords, constructing chord progressions and melody creation. Rob shows how to embellish a melody using a pedal and whammy bar. This program is packed with key soloing techniques like vibrato, slides, octaves and more! Each Rock House product includes free lifetime membership to Rock House's online lesson support system. Enhance your learning experience, links with instructors, download backing tracks, access message boards, and much more. You'll connect with a community of musicians around the world learning to play music using The Rock House Method.


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