About Us

As well as offering new and used guitar gear, repairs and lessons,  we specialise in CARVIN USA AMPS.  It only takes 5 to 8 days for your amp to be delivered from San Diego USA to us ready to pick up from our store.  Custom orders will of course take longer.

Carvin is well known for supplying Steve Vai's Legacy Amp and we always stock these for you to try.  We have been dealing with Carvin for over 8 years so if you have any questions, just give us a call.

Just 5 minutes off J2 of the M5, we’re easy to find. You’re welcome to visit us and check out Carvin quality for yourself.

Carvin, based in San Diego USA has been building amps and audio gear for musicians for over 60 years and has a history of working with world class artists Steve Vai, Allen Holdsworth, Tony McAlpine, Joe Walsh, Timothy B Schmit to name a few.

Other brands stocked include Washburn, Fernandes, Burns, Crafter, Westfield, Korg, Vox, Honer, Ernie Ball, Rotosound, Daddario, Elixir, Aquila, Dunlop, Digitech and more.